11th IUHPE European Conference on Health Promotion

JUNE 15-16, 2021

Online form for abstracts

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 10 of March 2021

Presenting author
  • The first author of the abstract is considered to be the presenter of the oral presentation/electronic poster, or the chair of the symposium/workshop at the conference.
  • Presenters should have been registered before 31 of March 2021.
  • There is a maximum of two submissions as presenting author.
Abstract details

All authors must be stated, including the first author: authors' names and surnames separated by ';' Provide the name of the institution, department, country of all authors, including the first author in the same order as authors and with a numerical reference

(e.g.: Javier González (1); Dolores Rivera (1), Juan Pérez(2) (1) Universitat de Barcelona; (2) Universidad de Deusto)

Please write the title in capital letters without any abbreviations. There is a maximum of wo lines.
Please indicate that you are agree for the submission to be made available on the congres website:
If the abstract referred to in this document is accepted, I authorise the Spanish Health Economics Association to publish the slides from the presentation as materials for teaching and dissemination on the conference website. The presentation may be freely accessed in PDF format on the website.

Authors must choose a maximum of two key words from the following:
Please indicate the preferred format for the presentation. Please note that the scientific committee reserves the right to decide on the final presentation format. Workshop or symposium coordinators should submit a detailed outline of the proposal.
Oral comunication
Workshop or symposium
  • The abstract should not exceed 350 words (neither authors name nor affiliations should be included in this field)
  • Objectives (and learning goals in case of Workshop or symposium)
  • Material and methods (tables or figures are not accepted in the abstracts) / Activities (for Workshop or symposium) (e.g., presentations with audience interaction, round table with panel discussants, pro/con session)
  • Results
  • Conclusions